Drop dropdowns.
Use buttons.

WooCombinator for WooCommerce
can turn your boring selects
into clickable buttons.

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Default dropdown elements

WooCommerce supports creating variable products: a variable product has one or more attributes the user can choose from. For example a T-Shirt could have size and color. By default attribute options are displayed using dropdown elements.

with WooCombinator

Dropdown elements are transformed to buttons with WooCombinator

WooCombinator is a plugin for WooCommerce. Once installed it will hide the default dropdown elements and will render buttons to provide a more clear and natural way for your users to choose what they want to buy.

WooCombinator takes your attribute options and render buttons instead of the default dropdown elements. This way your users can overview all of the available options and they will see the possible combinations when selecting attributes one by one.

WooCombinator options page

WooCombinator has several styles to choose from but you can also use your custom CSS rules. Sometimes it is required to align the styles to your template. As the price of the plugin includes support you can contact me to get some help.

Wordpress Customzier bar is also supported

WooCombinator supports Wordpress Customizer so you can try most of the settings on a product page. For example you can change the predefined and the custom styles on the fly to see how it looks like.

WooCombinator does not affect how WooCommerce works internally: it simply hides the dropdown elements and renders a button for each option. Once something is selected WooCombinator will control the hidden dropdown elements to let WooCommerce do its job around stock, availability and prices.

  • ✔ 6 month support included by default
  • ✔ 17 predefined styles
  • ✔ 2 transition effects (experimental)
  • ✔ Wordpress Customizer is supported
  • ✔ Set your own CSS rules
  • ✔ Compatibility options
  • ✔ Plugin can be disabled on selected product pages
  • ✔ Documentation included
  • ✔ Minified CSS and JS files are included
  • ✔ PHP 5.3+
  • ✔ Wordpress 4+, 5+
  • ✔ WooCommerce 3+, 2.5+

Note: based on your template some HTML/CSS knowledge would be required to be able to set your styles and rules correctly. If you are using other 3rd party plugins dealing with variable product options it may occur that WooCombinator won't work properly. In any cases the price of the plugin includes support - contact me via my CodeCanyon profile and I will help you as soon as possible.

WooCommerce is an eCommerce solution built on WordPress.
WooCombinator is a premium plugin for WooCommerce developed by Ferenc Balogh. The plugin is available for purchase through Envato Codecanyon from the plugin page.

* See CodeCanyon item support policy for details