You can check my premium plugins and applications by clicking on the links. Every plugin is available for sale via Envato's CodeCanyon.

WooCombinator WooCommerce WordPress PHP

WooCombinator is a plugin for WooCommerce (an eCommerce solution for Wordpress). This plugin turns the boring select elements of variable products to buttons - hides the select elements and renders buttons instead – but the controlling logic is still handled by WooCommerce.

RSSExtract PHP Laravel

With RSSExtract you can build your site from standard RSS/Atom feeds and YouTube playlists: items will be crawled from these sources and will be displayed on your pages with images, titles, date, etc. You can create multiple pages and assign any number of RSS sources to each page.

jqListbox JS jQuery

With this jQuery plugin you can create a listbox which can contain an array of almost any kind of item: string, Number, Object, etc. You can define your own render and encoder functions. Insert, multi insert, update, multi update, move up and down is supported out of the box . and much more!

jqCombinator JS jQuery

A jQuery plugin that handles your combination based logics. jqCombinator supports allowance logic (deciding which element is allowed is some of the elements are selected) by default. Use this plugin on price calculators, package builders, product configurators . on any custom stuff what contains entities with some allowance logics.